Research Interests

I am active in the academic community in a number of areas:

  • The role of declarativity when supporting networks of autonomous stakeholders when they agree on there information needs, collaboration processes and when matching supply and demand between the stakeholders;
  • Alternative forms of support and guidance of autonomous professionals, that are not based on up front consolidated scenarios, but make use of techniques such as predictive analytics and gamification;
  • Applying Natural Language Processing in exposing formal methods and techniques to the different stakeholders, both at specification time and at execution time;
  • Making natural language technology available and adoptable by non-computational linguists into existing, non-LT applications. Some details are available here.

I am a member of the Extended Enterprise Studies research group at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and regularly collaborate with the Semantic Computing research group at CITEC in Bielefeld, Germany.

Invited Talks

  • BPO uit de Cloud. Seminar for the members of the Dutch Platform for Outsourcing. Vianen, 2015.
  • NAF Insight over Decision Management. Nederlands Architectuur Forum, March 2015.
  • Van Fragile naar Agile? Niet overdimensioneren maar onderspecificeren! Presentation at BPM Congres 2013, Houten.
  • Be Informed and the Multilingual Semantic Web. Invited Talk at the Dagstuhl Workshop on the Multilingual Semantic Web, 2012.
  • New Audiences for Ontologies: Dealing with Complexity in Business Processes.
    Keynote at the Extended Semantic Web Conferentie 2012, Crete, Greece.
  • A model-driven approach to intelligent client handling support.
    Invited Talk at JURIX 2012, Amsterdam.
  • Challenges in Enterprise Modeling. Keynote at Practice of Enterprise Modeling 2010, Delft, The Netherlands.
  • Beyond (OSGi) Software Architecture. With Marcel Offermans at JFall 2010.


My publications are, in addition to the list below, also available from and Google Scholar.

Big Data Analytics

Van Grondelle, J., Unger, C., Smit, F. (2014): Exposing Predictive Analytics using Natural Language. Accepted for the NLSR Workshop 2014, Vienna, Austria. To appear.

McCarthy, J., Vasiliu, L., Grody, A.D., Muckley, C., Lawrence, D., Zervoudakis, F., Tabet, S., Van Grondelle, J., Bouras, T., Fernandes, K., Krintas, T., Xidonas, P., Chourdakis, K., Koumpis, A. (2013). Financial Industry Ontologies for Risk and Regulation Data (FIORD) – a position paper. In L. M. Camarinha-Matos & R. J. Scherer (Eds.), Collaborative Systems for Reindustrialization, PRO-VE 2013 (Vol. i, pp. 737–744). Dresden, Germany: Springer Verlag.

Van Grondelle, J., (2013): Leveraging Big Data Analytics in Business Processes. Technical Report BIRN-2013-03, Be Informed

Business Process Management

Van Grondelle, J., Liefers, R., Versendaal, J. (2015): Bedrijfsprocessen uit de Cloud: Business Rules Management als Succesfactor. Report in the PON Paper series from  Platform Outsourcing Nederland.


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Natural Language Processing

Van Grondelle, J., Unger, C. (2014): A Three Dimensional Paradigm for Conceptually-scoped Language Technology. In: Buitelaar, P., Cimiano, P. (editors): Towards the Multilingual Semantic Web. Springer.

Davis, B., Enache, R., Van Grondelle, J., Pretorius, L. (2012): Multilingual Verbalization of Modular Ontologies using GF and lemon. Proceedings of CNL 2012, Zurich, Switzerland.

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Spreeuwenberg, S., Van Grondelle, J., Heller, R., & Grijzen, G. (2010): Design of a CNL to Involve Domain Experts in Modeling, Proceedings of CNL 2010 Second Workshop on Controlled Natural Languages, Marretimmo, Italy.

Van Grondelle, J., Heller, R., Van Haandel, E., & Verburg, T. (2010): Involving Business Users in Formal Modeling using Natural Language Pattern Sentences. EKAW 2010 17th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management. Lisbon, Portugal.

Research Projects

I led Be Informed’s participation in a number of collaborative research projects, funded nationally or by the EU.

The Monnet project developed techniques for domain-oriented disambiguation in the localization and translation of models and ontologies. I developed use cases and scenarios with our customers to be addressed in the research work packages. I developed an approach to evaluate Monnet’s performance in the field. The Monnet project was funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no. FP7-ICT-248458.

The MOLTO project developed interlingua based, high quality translation and cross-lingual generation for scoped domains. I developed scenarios and requirements for policy model verbalization, and a number of prototypes implementing those use cases into Be Informed’s products based on the project’s results. I developed an approach to more easily adopt NLG, in the form of GF in this case, into existing application based on modular grammars (Van Grondelle and Unger, 2014). The MOLTO project was funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no. FP7-ICT-247914.

The Agile Service Development project ( is a collaborative research initiative focused on methods, techniques and tools for the agile development of business services. The project is part of the Service Innovation & ICT programme of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

Program Committees

I am/have been a member of the program committees of the industry track at K-CAP 2013 conference, the Multilingual Web Workshops in 2013 and 2014, the Personalization in e-Government Workshop, the AMINO 2013 and 2014 workshops and the workshop on Controlled Natural Language in 2014.